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cannabis ruderalis seeds

Botanists named it “ruderalis” (the word “ruderal” meaning something that grows on waste ground or among rubbish) to classify it as a type of cannabis plant with a weedy nature that escaped human cultivation and adapted to the extreme environments found in these climates.

Wild cannabis that has adapted to extreme environments. Very short and compact plants with small, chunky buds. Grows as a weed even “among rubbish” and is extremely robust with good resistance. Contains little (<3%) THC but has high levels of CBD.


Royal Dwarf is a short, stout, fast-growing autoflower that’s excellent for indoor cultivation. Staying at a convenient 40–60cm, this “bonsai” among cannabis fits everywhere. The sativa-dominant variety is ready in just 8–9 weeks from seed. The girl is supercharged with potent Skunk genetics and has a social, uplifting effect that she rounds off with a relaxing and soothing stone.

• Wide, 3-fingered leaves

A mix of sativa and indica genetics. They grow vigorously with good resistance. Can display qualities of both indica and sativa in growing characteristics and effects.

The characteristic Ruderalis endurance may have developed from their exposure to harsh climate conditions (for instance, extreme heat or cold, inadequate humidity levels, weak or excessive light exposure, poor soils, etc). These conditions can cause deficiencies in the natural parameters that are essential for the adequate biological development of any living creature on the planet.

Automatic or autoflowering cannabis strains bloom regardless of the photoperiod that they’re exposed to, and therefore are not affected by its duration.

Characteristics of Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis in its purest, wildest form produces an effect quite similar to that of Indica-leaning strains, but nowadays there are many autoflowering hybrids on the market that can show Indica or Sativa dominance, or a balanced mix of both. Therefore there is not a specific psychoactive effect attributed to Cannabis Ruderalis.

All of this simplifies things and offers beginners the chance to obtain great results with regards to quality and quantity, for instance with strains such as Moby Dick XXL Auto, Haze XXL Auto, or Critical 2.0 Auto.

The Ruderalis plant is usually smaller than a conventional cannabis plant; it is a robust and compact plant with a rather thick stem and a height between 30 and 120 cm. Its leaves are normally light green (they are hardly ever dark) and showcase wide leaflets.