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If you instead choose to buy premium marijuana seeds online and grow them in your garden indoors or outdoors. Not only will you be able to choose the perfect marijuana strain that you need but you will also save a lot of money doing so. Especially if you use marijuana medically to treat chronic pains and decreasing anxiety. It is always recommended to grow your own marijuana plant so you will have more control over your supply of medicine.

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There are many advantages you can get if you actually start growing marijuana at home especially if you are a medical patient who is relying on the therapeutic value of marijuana on a day to day basis. If you had the chance to visit a dispensary, surely the first thing you will notice is the high price tags on their top-shelf varieties and on top of that, if you need specific strains for your conditions, they may not have this readily available for you if it is not that popular or sellable.

According to the AGLC's Chara Goodings, licensed producers make more from the finished product and so may be reluctant to distribute seeds to sell.

Now, the government's online cannabis retail website is offering seeds for those looking to try their hand at homegrown horticulture.

One type is mainly THC, the other a THC-CBD hybrid, being sold at $45 and $60, respectively, for an amount equivalent to four grams of dried cannabis, the website says.

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Government's retail website offers single brand of seeds for sale

Meanwhile, AGLC confirms in a text message it plans to eventually sell live plants. The agency's Heather Holmen says one of the greatest challenges is to create the specific growing conditions required for cannabis plants to thrive.

Home-growing might be an alternative for Albertans frustrated by waning weed supplies across the province.

As of Jan. 3, it appears that the cheaper variety has already sold out.

"It's a limited market for licensed producers, due to the fact that it's really like a niche market," Goodings said.