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Are any of these reviewers real? I've never used this site, but I can only assume that with such critical reviews like these, this site may not be on the up and up. I'd suggest purchasing from My Homie D-Mob. You can find him next to the dumpsters in the back of any Cilantros in the Jacksonville area. With over TWO whole locations, My Homie D-Mob is the fastest growing franchise in Orange county with locations in southern Ga approaching fast. For more information and to schedule a meeting, call 420 328 7448


I went here to try something…Next day, guy texts me saying needing payment to process…fine, no big deal. Next day, was told to send $100 to get the “special package” released…took me several tries through my paypal but to no avail. Finally got it to them…the “guy” said all is good. This morning, get this email saying I needed to pay $500 to get my package delivered. I emailed back saying to return it and that I did not have the money. The “guy” then called me on my phone saying to come up with something…I told him no on the phone and blocked him. Now I am getting emails from him asking me to send. I refuse! I am broke now because of them! Not paying the said $500 they said they need. SORRY NOT SORRY!!

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Do not use Same owners as Complete scammers. Give you deals so you order then turn around and tell you after you order that you need to pay them a ton of money to have it shipped "discreetly" even impersonated a USPS POSTAL person texting me saying. These are the following two phone numbers to be aware of. 209-854-4124 and 619-289-9024. Complete scammers Stay away.

I wouldn't personally buy from a legal weed shop, prices are cranked for profit. Go to

scamed me out of $300 stay away will take your money and that all they do very bad stay away from this one or you will be very sorry

As you’ve probably guessed, endocannabinoids are very similar in their makeup to cannabinoids like THC and CBD in pot, and they each bind to the same receptors. So, the thinking goes, smoking weed and ingesting those cannabinoids may help restore the endocannabinoid system to normal, thereby reducing or relieving depression symptoms.

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We’ve already mentioned studies on cannabis and depression. Several animal studies are particularly interesting because they each showed that THC may stimulate the body’s production of serotonin – the same mechanism used by SSRIs like Lexapro and Paxil to fight depression.


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In specific terms, firing up a bowl isn’t “the answer” when you’re depressed. Even strains known for their ability to provide a sense of euphoria and happiness are only briefly masking the symptoms of a serious health problem.


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