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buy outdoor cannabis seeds

Yes! Several of our outdoor cannabis seeds are able to survive indoors as they would outdoors. They possess the unique ability to turn a good yield irrespective of the environment. Most of our seeds are of the premium genetic stock and are resilient enough to perform outdoors and indoors.

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Looking to start growing cheap outdoor seeds? We have compiled this guide to help you navigate through the process of finding the right outdoor weed seeds and getting started on the process of planting cannabis outdoors.

Can I buy outdoor cannabis seeds online in the USA?

Yes! Outdoor cannabis seeds can be any of both. At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, the high quality genetics of our seed groups allows us to engineer highly resilient stock of both varieties to cater to the preference of today’s cannabis farmer.

Regular Price: (US) $ 385.00

There are plenty of seeds suited to the outdoors that are also suited to the indoors. Very many popular autoflowering and feminized strains falls within these categories of seeds and I believe we have outlined some of them in other categories.

While the outdoor is a great place for weed farming, not all seed strains can survive the harsh weather realities.

If you’re a first-time outdoor cannabis cultivator, choosing the right nutrients can be a daunting process. With our advice and our high-quality seeds, though, we can make things much easier.

Growing outdoor cannabus seeds comes with pros and cons. Over a dozen US states allow the cultivation of medical cannabis, but in many other places, growing weed is still against the law. Despite these risks, many of our customers prefer to grow their crops outdoors because they believe it enhances the aroma and flavor of the buds. We have some of the world’s best outdoor cannabis seeds for sale, and we invite you to check out our selection.

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This hybrid strain has a spicy flavor and an overall body high that numbs pain and offers feelings of relaxation.

Autoflower Cream

Experience intense relaxation and calm while luxuriating in the sweet vanilla scent.

Experience a therapeutic and highly relaxing journey like no other.

Auto-flowering strains all have different traits, but there’s one commonality: the countdown to harvest time starts the day they sprout. The average auto-flowering plant will conclude its life cycle within 12 weeks, and it will start to flower 25-35 days after germination.

As a marijuana grower, it’s your job to give your seeds and plants the right nutrients at the correct time. Cannabis plants have two life stages: vegetation and flowering, and each stage has unique nutrient requirements.