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Flavors: Skunky, Pungent, Earthy

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Effects: Creative, Happy, Uplifting, Euphoric

Northern Skunk

Hawaiian Punch Originated in Hawaii and delivers a “punch” not unlike the most righteous wave in Hawaii. This strain is extremely potent, yet delivers an aloha feeling to your mind and body, much like an ocean breeze. Hawaiian Punch is one that will gradually sneak up on you, especially the first time. Flowering time is 55-60 days, and a THC content up to 21%.

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the more popular strains as of recent years due to it’s amazing earthy and sweet aromas as well as the High THC levels which has won this strain numerous Cannabis Cup awards. First appearing in California, GSC is a Hybrid Strain cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It provides a deep full body relaxation euphoria while intriguing the mind with a cerebral high that lasts for hours. Exceptional for stress relief and has been know to help with anxiety.

Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Herbal

Effects: Happy, Uplifting, Euphoric

8Delta8 employs both internal and third-party testing, ensuring top quality and safety. Its products feature a QR-code, which takes you straight to the lab results on the company’s website. This way, customers can easily make sure that they’re not consuming any cutting agents or additives.

This post will bring you some clarity on the best ways to purchase legal weed online, why you should never choose the black market, and introduce you to a viable (and still legitimate) alternative for those who don’t have the legal marijuana option.

If you live in a state that only allows weed for medicinal use, you need to obtain a medical marijuana card. That can be easier said than done, even for people who aren’t trying to cheat the system.

4. Snap Dragon

However, the latter comes with some stipulations, which you can learn about below.

On top of that, with the cannabis industry being so infantile, regulations have been notoriously confusing, subject to constant change, and overwhelming to the regular consumer.

Delta 8 THC is present in very low levels in cannabis, so low that extracting it becomes highly ineffective, and a particular process is required. Delta 8 THC extracted from hemp is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

It has experienced a surge in popularity, which might sound a little superficial. Building on experience in the hemp and CBD niches, these dedicated professionals produce a wide range of third-party tested products.

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Our ZOOKIES strain is grown organically from British Columbia on the island by Island Boys Craft Growers. The moment this strain arrived, our team have not smoked anything else! The buds are of this strain are dense and meaty and extremely sticky with loads of long trichomes. This flower burns white and tastes extremely skunky but leaves a nice hint of grape on your tongue. Great euphoric high, and creative high. Awesome high to get things done, and have amazing sex.

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