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buy australian bastard cannabis seeds

Talk about an interesting mutation! The folks at Painted Forest Farms have been breeding cannabis strains with unique characteristics that almost look like a clover. They generously allowed us to repost their pictures with credit.

More Pictures of ABC plants by Painted Forest Farms

Did you know? Cannabis is an extremely successful plant species ever and grows all over the world. Wild hemp plants have been found naturally growing on every continent except Antarctica.

The leaves from an ABC plant make ducksfoot strains look like normal cannabis plants!

The flowers of ABC plants stay small and aren’t particularly potent, but the breeding possibilities for stealth strains are intriguing. Auto-flowering strains originated from the wild hemp Ruderalis plants that naturally grow around Siberia, yet now offer a huge range of high-THC versions after extensive breeding. There’s no reason ABC plants couldn’t also be hybridized to grow big high-THC buds.

Has anybody ran into ABC, Dizzy, or Mongy Weed. It is some crazy stuff and is totally worth a quick google search to look at pics. Would love to get my hands on some if anybody has any information.

A few years ago in 1999 Cannabis Culture announced a different new strain of marijuana (CC#19, Grow Down Under), its very different looks and growth patter than what we are used, or we know as normal cannabis.

Mutant Strains: Mongy Weed, Dizzy, ABC (Australian Bastard Cannabis)

“Those leaves came out completely unlike the serrated leaf ”said Volcano. “In fact, there are no serrated edges on these leaves, they darker green and shiny, looking-they usually got no larger than two inches.”

One local cultivator named “Volcano” grew up some of our last collection of ABC x Flo seeds. He germinated the seeds indoor in BC during March and the seeds had germinated in seven to ten days.

ABC strain first set of leaves identical to regular cannabis, before the first true leaves appeared that differences became evident.