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buy and sell marijuana

As marijuana legalization has spread throughout the U.S., obtaining weed has never felt more normal.

Delta 8 THC manufacturers are going ahead at full throttle because delta 8 THC falls under the definition of a hemp-derived product.

Can You Buy Weed Online?

Purchasing medicinal marijuana online and having it delivered is quite common since many patients have debilitating conditions.

For instance, insomnia and anxiety aren’t usually qualifying medical conditions, despite being two of the top reasons for marijuana use.

Even experienced consumers can run into legal troubles because of an overlooked technicality. Such mistakes are innocent but potentially costly.

Where can and can’t you smoke marijuana? It’s legal on your property. If it’s a rental, it’s up to the landlord. In public, think of it like tobacco. You can’t smoke in places like parks or restaurants.

Outside of your home, the new law states you can have up to three ounces of marijuana. Inside your home, you can have up to five pounds, as long as it’s kept away from children.

While you can’t sell it, you can gift it.

When it comes to cars, think of it like alcohol. You can’t be under the influence and drive. You can’t smoke it while in the car.

Canada has legalized the drug. But, don’t cross the border with marijuana, when the border opens. Marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, even though there is a recent push to change that.

According to the new law, while you will be allowed to grow marijuana eventually, you won’t be allowed grow it on your own until 18 months after the first retail sales are allowed.

If you’re carrying more than three ounces of marijuana outside of your home, you can be fined $125. If you’re caught making an illegal sale of marijuana, you can be charged up to $250 and face misdemeanor charges.