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bonza seeds

The stealth parcel is one of the best options out there to hide your seeds from everybody. If you choose the stealth options, Bonza Seed Bank will send out seeds well hidden inside things which are of everyday use like t-shirts and pens.

This is one of the biggest marijuana seeds bank right now on the internet. They have stocked up more than 2500 cannabis strains in their labs.

The reviews include things like the taste, smell, effects, growing timing, medical benefits, adverse effects , etc. of a marijuana strain.

Are the seeds safe inside the parcel?

Your marijuana seeds are not going to get any kind of damage when in transit. The reason for that is that Bonza Seeds have their own SeedPod packaging system.

What we love about this UK based marijuana seed bank is that they provide buyers with a choice of buying in bulk for their commercial operations of in small quantities if they are growing marijuana indoors at home.

Bonza Seeds is not directly involved in maintaining a high-quality standard for all of the seeds they sell.

You can get feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds and all others from their online shop. They have a great mix and match scheme where you can buy various different strains together.

Seeds meant to be frisian duck grow into some non duck unknown auto, Bonza says not our problem contact the breeder. Chocoloupe also turns out unknown auto

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 266 user reviews.

Bonza Seeds is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

guest Australia, December 2017

Terrible experience. I got my seeds but only one germinated and it was female but it turned out nothing like the strain so it was a FAKE (probably bag seed) as Ive grown this strain before and had no resemblance whatsoever, they ripped me off and I ended up wasting my time growing out whatever they gave me which was sickingly sweet and not the diesel/kush hybrid I wanted! Very very unhappy. buyer beware.

I have not had time to germinate the seeds but they look good. Very impressed with this company

BUYER BEWARE, Bonza is NOT what it used to be. I think they were bought out by a Chinese company and now they cannot be trusted. My CC charge was WAY more than what I was quoted at checkout. Customer service is now no existent so buy from Bonza at your own risk.

First order from bonza. Fast delivery, had all varieties I wanted at fair prices. Discreet packaging with no issues. Highly recommended and the only seed bank I will order from in the future.

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What type of currency and payment do you accept?

How long will it take my Bonza Seeds order?

No, you will be charged for postage separately and according to what you are ordering and where you are having your order sent to.

We charge only one low cost flate rate shipping cost per order. If you order 1 single seed or 100 seeds you pay only one low postage cost. All single seeds are packaged individually labelled secure packaging

We cannot be held responsible for persons who choose to act in conflict with their national laws and we do not encourage anyone to do so.