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The second step is to properly set the mother plant in the pot. When choosing a cutting for a mother plant, make sure that you pick a healthy and sturdy one. Clippings can be taken from the plant several times per year, so it’s important to ensure the mother of these clones is capable of producing quality buds.

Originating in ancient China and Japan, the practice of growing bonsai trees has lasted for over a thousand years. Translated from Japanese, the word bonsai means “planted in container”. By planting trees in small containers, their ability to absorb nutrients and develop extensive root systems is restricted, resulting in their miniature size.

The third step is training your canna-bonsai’s branches. Similarly to how you trained the stem, you can train the plant’s branches by tying them down with twine. If you want your branches to be more horizontal, then tie them down with more force. If you prefer them to be more vertical, tie them down more loosely. When tying, make sure to leave a little room so the branches can grow without too much constriction.


Now it’s time to prune the branches. As the plant grows, its branches must be restricted in order to preserve the classic bonsai shape and stature, and to maintain airflow to the plant’s main stem. It’s important to only prune offshoot branches, as cutting main ones could seriously hurt the health and growth of your plant.

If you are working with few plants and limited space, bonsai trees can be a real space-saver. However, the utility of these plants really becomes apparent in larger cannabis gardens where several canna-bonsai mothers can provide a huge variety of genetics for the entire garden. Creating and maintaining several small mother plants to use for clone clippings is a great way to maintain diversity in your cannabis garden without having to rely on seeds.

There are several steps to planting and growing a cannabis bonsai tree.

The primary reason why people grow canna-bonsai trees is to produce clone clippings. Because each mother plant remains small, cannabis bonsais takes up much less space than a full-grown mother plant.

Again, make sure you leave some extra room while wiring, so your branches can grow uninterrupted and without excessive constriction.

Start by drilling numerous holes from all sides of the pot, and through them you’ll be running the wire (or twine, depending on your personal preference) to suspend the branches of your canna-bonsai in any desired direction.

Phase Two – Trunk Training

Before starting the tutorial, we should probably say something about the bonsai culture first, in order to have a better comprehension of why would someone start to grow their own marijuana bonsai tree.

Cultivating a healthy bonsai tree involves a lot of pruning, branch-wiring, limiting the quantity of fertilizers and many other precise details, which makes bonsai cultivation a very time-consuming and demanding task, but that is (besides a gorgeous looking plant) the most rewarding thing about bonsai culture.

Just make sure you only prune the new offshoot branches, because you definitely don’t want to cut any important ones, as this will slow down the growth of your plant to a great extent.

Quintessentially, those who happen to love cannabis will also love to grow a miniature cannabis bonsai tree. In fact, introducing a cannabis plant to the art of bonsai is no less intriguing for the people who may have never had a big passion for cannabis consumption and/or tend to consume the green medication only occasionally.

Like many other plants, cannabis can be also introduced to the ancient art of bonsai, and that’s nothing less but pretty incredible, don’t you agree? Well, if you are to think from the perspective of a person who has never really consumed cannabis, it may sound like just another plant variety suitable to turn into a beautiful bonsai tree masterpiece. From a business perspective, it may just as well seem like another highly profitable plant variety belonging to a particular niche that is still untapped, and hence, promises fantastic paybacks for the canny business owners.

Growing a Bonsai Cannabis Tree from Seed: The Untapped Business Niche for Garden Center Owners

But cannabis bonsai trees grown from seed are, nonetheless, one of the hottest gardening trends that are only bound to keep growing and grabbing the hearts and attention of thousands, if not millions of gardeners, in the upcoming years.

Picture yourself having a miniature cannabis plant that could be easily set in the window, spreading its fragile, lovely green branches out of its artistically spiraled trunk center.

Your major goal is to make cannabis enthusiasts feel that you are on their side; that you understand their needs, love, and respect for the ancient herb. Doing so will help you establish a deep emotional bond with your customers that is bound to bring high profits for your business for years to come.