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blue cheese cannabis seeds

Big Blue Cheese is a particularly attractive strain. Verdant water leaves present in a range of colors, from deep purples to multiple shades of green. Sugar leaves display pastel tones, contrasting against flowers with an attractive yellowish tint.

The tranquil afterglow makes Big Blue Cheese a potent treatment for insomnia. And its mood-lifting properties are great for treating conditions like anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and depression. Its ability to induce a clear-headed high makes it an especially effective medicinal strain.

Big Blue Cheese is one of the ultimate chill-out strains. Its ability to simultaneously relax the body and mind while leaving users lucid is second to none. We love it for its versatility and high yields. It’s fairly easy to grow, rewards you with generous harvests, and has a massive range of recreational and therapeutic uses.

Regular Type

Unsurprisingly, given its name, this strain is seriously pungent. Plants develop a distinct cheesy aroma during the flowering phase which only intensifies as they mature.

Big Blue Cheese is reasonably strong, with a THC-content ranging from 15-18%. Comfort is the name of the game with this strain: users experience a typically mellow indica high, characterized by feelings of bliss and elation. But it doesn’t just elevate your mood. The cerebral buzz is complemented by a creeping sense of physical relaxation that makes this a great strain for unwinding. Big Blue Cheese is not quick to induce couchlock, though it does become sedative in larger doses. As such, this is an ideal evening and nighttime strain.

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Blue Cheese was first bred in the United Kingdom and quickly gained infamy throughout the cannabis world. Many offshoots have been created as breeders seek to harness those glorious indica characteristics, and this is one of the best: a three-way cross of UK Cheese, Blueberry, and the notoriously high-yielding Big Bud. The result is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that takes the euphoric Blue Cheese high and adds to it. Besides a great buzz, Big Blue Cheese promises delicious, berry-like flavors and huge, resinous buds.

Blue Cheese is a beautiful and attractive marijuana strain that develops stable, homogeneous plants, thanks to the Skunk influence on her Cheese genetics. While growing, we can discern surprisingly branchy plants that outdoors may reach heights of 3 m, meaning their crops are incredibly generous, full of bulky and compact buds. A large proportion of these phenos acquire, by the end of the flowering, a dazzling purplish colouring when the temperature drops by 10ºC at night.

* Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD…) may vary depending on external factors such as the growth medium, the grower’s experience, the growing technique (SOG, SCROG…), the environmental conditions and genetic variation.

Dinalab Analysis

Blue Cheese is a cannabis plant that thrives when provided with a bit of attention. In fact, a standard diet and irrigation time sequence would be enough for her to grow strong and vigorous. As one of her major assets, we could mention her amazing ability to cope with moisture and plagues. When they happen to hit, she doesn’t shy away but fights them with courage.

Blue Cheese is a heavy yielder, her yield reaching 550 g/m2 indoors and 800 g/plant outdoors. Besides, by mid-October, we could already be harvesting incredibly large amounts of thick and bulky buds covered in tasty and smelly resin. They will make you drool!

Blue Cheese is a feminised cannabis seed with an incredible overall quality: easy to grow, heavy-yielding and with a taste that is on everyone’s lips. For all of us working at Dinafem Seeds, it’s been a big challenge to work with two genetics as prestigious and as highly-regarded as Exodus UK Cheese and Blueberry with the aim of developing a strain that would muster the best traits of each of them.

Recreational users are well aware of the high THC, around 16 – 20% of this strain. With its high THC, It gives a full-body high that lasts for a long time & makes you relax. So, if you want to relax for a long time and forget about the world around you, Buy Blue Cheese Seeds & grow your Cannabis plants as this will fulfill your desire to have an uninterrupted supply of high-quality Marijuana.

Blue Cheese strain seeds will grow into attractive plants that will stay strong in response to infections & molds due to their strong genetic background. The natural resistance of Blue Cheese strain makes it ideal for even the beginners who want to take maximum yield without risk. The buds will be very dense if you take care of the plants & grow them well. Buds will be covered with a thick layer of trichomes. If you are a cheese lover, you should buy Blue Cheese Seeds & grow your cannabis plants. The plants can reach an incredible height of 3 meters when growing outdoors. With a decrease in temperature at night, most of the buds acquire purple color.

Effects of Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese Seeds are immensely popular in marijuana circles due to their great parents. Buy Blue Cheese cannabis seeds & grow them to get great marijuana buds from the plants. The blue-colored buds of these plants are famous for their sweet & delicious taste. Blue Cheese is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike. You will not be disappointed by growing these Blue Cheese feminized seeds.

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This strain produces a heavy yet potent Indica high. Blue Cheese soothes and relaxes your body, making it a great stress reliever and helps you relax at the end of the day. However, it does not tire your body. After that, you will experience a feeling of happiness which will last for several hours. You can also use it to relieve spasms and muscle stiffness.