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Customers have rated ILGM an overall 4.8/5. Each strain bifurcates the comment section on TrustPilot, so users of that particular strain can learn from other people’s experiences. People particularly love the quick delivery and quality of seeds that set ILGM apart from the competition.

If you have an eye for quality cannabis seeds online, a trusted name, and credibility, ILGM is your go-to brand!

#2. Ministry of Cannabis – Best in Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds

Stealth shipping is a shipping guarantee companies offer their customers. This guarantee means that no matter what happens to your product before you receive it, the company takes full responsibility to send/resend the package to you. Stealth shipping is usually free of cost. This guarantee extends to issues that have to do with factors out of your control, such as confiscating your seeds at customs or losing the package. In case of providing an incorrect delivery address or issues of the like, you will be held responsible.

However, the brand did not just stop there.

ILGM’s strain stock stacks up to 80 different strains. For beginners, they have a whole section of products you can check out! No matter the type of grower you are, there is something for everyone at ILGM.

Don’t worry, here we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to our fantastic cannabis seed delivery methods! Find out everything you need to know…

Want to know how your cannabis seeds will be shipped and delivered? What will they look like when they arrive?

PLEASE NOTE: Our stealthy packaging options do involve removing your seeds from their original breeder packaging. If you so wish, we can send images of your seeds before & after they are repackaged. Alternatively, we can forward on the original breeder packaging from your seeds – we will send it to you in another package. If you would like to request an image of your packing or to have the original breeder packaging forwarded to you, please let us know in the Customer’s Comments box when you make your order. You can also tell us in these comments if you would NOT like your seeds to be re-packaged.

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Any package travelling outside the UK will have a small blue airmail sticker (like the one in the top left). Packages to the EU will show a return address on the back of the envelope. Non-EU packages will show a return address on the front of the package (top left) along with a Customs Label attached too.

First of all, whichever delivery method you select for your cannabis seeds, you can expect your package to arrive looking a lot like this from the outside: