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best marijuana breeders

If you are a United States customer, you need to be aware that most American prepaid cards cannot be used with international merchants. Many of the best seed banks are located in the U.K., Europe, and Canada. Paying for your order by prepaid card might not work.

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Herbies Seeds – Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed Seeds

?sell non-authentic seed varieties

You can verify a secure connection by looking at the site’s SSL certificate, indicated by a closed padlock in your browser’s address bar. An SSL secure checkout encrypts your payment data, protecting you from online cyber theft while you make a purchase.

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Example of Bubba Kush plant grown outdoors

Examples of Mephisto plants (various strains) that I’ve grown

Around the end of 2009, Dinafem began to incorporate auto-flowering genetics into their line of seeds. By 2010, Dinafem had developed 10 new strains, including 3 auto-flowering strains. Now Dinafem offers about 60 strains, and nearly half of those are auto-flowering strains.

Great Auto-Flowering Breeders

However, a lot of growers overlook one of the hidden gems on the website. Seedsman offers its versions of popular strains at reasonable prices. Seedsman works with breeders who have access to the best-of-the-best genetics available, and together, they create stabilized strains that grow well, yield well, and produce top-tier buds. Seedsman versions of strains often perform better than the $20/seed versions from more well-known breeders. If you’re not sure which breeder to use and want to get the best bang for your buck, I recommend starting here.

Example of a Durban Poison plant that was grown under CFLs. Excellent yield for such low light levels!

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Ease of growing – General hardiness of strains