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best feminized cannabis seeds

Let’s start with the first one, eh?

When i think of the best feminized seeds, the only strain comes to my mind is: Gorilla Glue by ILGM (fem), visit their official website now.

Strain Information:

Overall the strain is very easy to grow by anyone, and you can use the SOG method with this strain. The SOG method will give you great yields as this strain is really quick to grow and flower.

The development of this strain was done by crossing Girls Scout Cookies along with Chemdawg #4. This combination has made this best feminized strain into a very easily growing plant and providing it with a very vigorous quality.

Most of the strain on our list are easy or moderate to grow, but this one is a bit hard to grow. If you want a challenging strain that will need a lot of care and knowledge, then this is a great strain to try out your skills.

As photoperiod strains, these feminized ladies flower according to changes in available light. Outdoors, they’ll begin to flower according to the natural rhythm of the seasons. Indoors, growers have complete control. Keep them vegging for as long as you please, or flip them to flower straight from seed.

Legendary OG Punch grows tall, wide, and produces a dense canopy abundant with bud sites. Her colas are dense and feature a dark green canvas contrasted by large quantities of glistening trichomes. Our breeders created this unique hybrid after carefully crossing Legend OG and Purple Punch over several generations. She emerged as a hardy variety capable of thriving in a wide range of climates. Indoors, she’ll produce a rewarding 500–550g/m² after a flowering time of 8 weeks. Her slightly indica-dominant buds possess a THC level of 19% alongside refreshing and fruity terpenes—limonene and pinene dominate the mix.

3. Green Crack Punch

Our Royal Gorilla is one of the strongest strains available from Royal Queen Seeds. We have managed to bring this powerful cannabis strain all the way from the U.S. – the only place were it had been available until now.With an average THC level of 25% – and exceeding 30% depending on the phenotype – this incredible beast will take you soaring the skies. or have you glued to the couch!

This heavily indica-dominant cultivar produces some of the frostiest flowers we’ve ever seen. Her buds are small and compact, possess gorgeous lemon yellow pistils, and feature a layer of trichomes so thick they’re almost white. Sherbet Queen descended from Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet, inheriting a monstrous THC content of 24% and a sweet and fruity terpene profile in the process. After a couple of tokes or a single bowl, you’ll feel a heavy blow to the body. Feel your muscles melt, your appetite surge, and your mind delve into philosophical and existential territory.

The best feminized genetics of 2020.