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best cannabis seeds for outdoor growing uk

Leaves that look like they have been cut from purple felt. Knotted calyxes swollen out of shape. All smothered with a tangle of resin swollen trichomes are what you can expect after 8-9 weeks with this indica dominant gem. Purples are fascinating to watch grow and by harvest time the cold UK weather would see your plants going the colour of smoke on the water under a full moon. Unbeatable solid nuggets of 18% THC purple potency.

Rainy old England may be a dreary cliche, but it does need serious consideration when growing cannabis. Make sure your soil or pots drain well to avoid water logging. Cannabis dislikes too much wet for too long.

OG Kush contains 75% Indica genes. It’s a very strong strain that can be grown in almost any climate. From cold climates to warm climates. This species is robust and is capable of producing high quality weed even in the deplorable outdoor conditions of the UK.


Harden off plants under lights a few weeks prior to putting them in their final outdoor growing space. When hardening off cannabis seedlings, introduce them to a protected outdoor space for a few hours per day. Increasing their amount of exposure per day until they are outdoor ready.

Harvesting Skunk quicker is always a bonus. Skunk has certainly become mythic over the decades. As a stand-alone stand out itself in growability and effects and as a parent for many outstanding strains of weed. Early Skunk delivers that distinctive knuckled central cola that hearkens to the sativa echoes in the skunk genetic makeup.

The gentle English summers cannot burn the hardy cannabis plant and they will revel in being planted in full sun when hardened off properly.

Germination and early vegetation under supplemental lighting prior to spring can increase end yields substantially. Saving young plants the struggle of staying alive in colder weather makes for a longer vegetation time and more prolific flower sites on larger plants.

Warm spring temperatures in the UK arrive a bit later than in countries further South. To avoid your seedlings falling victim to cold temperatures and frost, it’s wise to germinate your seeds indoors in the first weeks of May.

England and Ireland have what’s called a temperate maritime climate, which means the weather is influenced by the sea. The summers are cooler than those on the continent, with mostly temperatures below 25°C. Winters in the UK are mild, but temperatures dropping below zero and snow can happen.



In the South of the United Kingdom, where the Gulf Stream brings in warmer and milder weather, growing conditions are usually better than up north. Growers can take advantage of warmer days and less punishing winters, and can start their outdoor grows earlier than in other parts of the region.

Among the biggest considerations when you want to grow cannabis in the UK is that the climate is relatively humid and it rains often. This can be a problem, as cannabis dislikes being wet for too long. What’s more, high humidity and rainfall brings with it a considerable risk of mould.

Although growing weed outdoors in the United Kingdom can at times be challenging, it doesn’t have to be. By choosing suitable strains, you can cultivate world-class crops during the UK’s short growing season. Let’s talk about how to grow great outdoor weed in Great Britain and Ireland!

If you want to grow great outdoor cannabis in the UK, don’t let the weather spoil your harvest! Find out which strains offer the best reward before the bad weather arrives.