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Hemp Source: Delta EFFEX classifies their products based on rigorous tests for optimal quality, potency, and safety. In addition, they focus on providing the consumers with non-GMO hemp plants grown organically on U.S. farms that use no toxic impurities.

Delta-8 THC is considered a minor cannabinoid that has recently become prevalent in the cannabis industry. Many have replaced it as a new way of getting high. This isomer of delta-9 THC has a similar name and chemical structure, but delta-8 is less potent and offers a smoother high.


Third-Party Lab Testing: All of their delta-8 THC flowers are supported by unbiased third-party lab tests that are available online. In addition, the access to the Certificate of Analysis shows the brand’s transparency and builds trust amongst newer buyers.

Third-Party Lab Testing: Additionally, Delta EFFEX selects only the premium quality of delta-8 THC buds from the organically-grown hemp plants via the distillation process. Like a responsible brand, Delta EFFEX gets their products tested by third-party Laboratories to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products. Moreover, all of their delta-8 lab results are uploaded on their official website so you can ensure the product you are choosing is safe to use.

Rewards System: However, the rewards do not end here. BudPop came up with a unique points system to encourage the members to earn points and enjoy gratuity perks. Once you become a part of the BudPop family, you can earn points in various ways:

According to our research, the best budget-friendly strains are:

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly high-CBD strain, ACDC is the one most likely to leave you thunderstruck. It’s the lone CBD option on this list, indicating that it could be friendlier to your wallet than other higher-priced CBD-specific strains.

Be on the Lookout for These Crowd-Pleasers

After analyzing all of the strains in our database, we came up with a list of the best reasonably priced options. The criteria for our list included the following requirements:

These are all strains that are priced somewhat lower than other options on dispensary menus (both recreational and medical) across the country. Generally, solid mid-shelf strain options are priced at about $13 – $15 per gram, with prices occasionally creeping past $15 depending on the dispensary (although going above $15/gram won’t necessarily bring you more potent or higher-quality cannabis).

With those parameters in mind, we charted the results of our data dive.