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best auto cannabis seeds

Pineapple Express Auto is a strain that has captured the hearts of stoners across the globe. It is synonymous with great quality and a connoisseur level smoke. This great autoflowering version of Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Farm is no different and maintains all of the loved characteristics found in the original. Made by mixing the award winning Pineapple Chunk with Ruderalis, Pineapple Express Auto has a distinct fruity flavour and indica dominant high. It seeps throughout the body, completely relaxing it as it soothes the mind. She is the perfect chill strain, and great for lazy days with friends. She is a very compact plant, and only reaches heights of around 50cm. Despite this, she is able to produce yields of up to 400 grams per square metre, and goes from seed to harvest in just 9-10 weeks. There is a lot to love here!

Autoflowering cannabis is all about reliable and fast turnarounds of some prime bud. Unlike traditional cannabis strains, autoflowering seeds flower with age, instead of changing light cycles. Autoflowering cannabis plants usually complete their life cycle in an average of 9-12 weeks. This means outdoor growers can get multiple harvests a year. Also, autoflowering plants tend to grow a bit shorter than the traditional sativa and indica strains. This makes them ideal for growing in small spaces or where stealth is an issue. Understandably, this much more hands-off automatic approach has become extremely popular, especially among hobby growers looking to produce a small, quick personal stash. To help figure out which strain is best for you, we have put together a list of the top 10 best-selling autoflowering cannabis seeds here at Zativo, ranked by popularity, so check ‘m out!

Candy Kush by Auto Seeds brings together the genetics of their very own Auto Pounder, with those of some of the finest Californian Kush available. The result is a stunningly sweet strain that is both easy to grow and produces high-quality yields of some very prime bud. She grows small, even for an autoflowering strain of cannabis seeds, only reaching heights of up to 60cm, but is still able to pull her weight when it comes time to harvest. As such, she is well suited to novices looking to learn a bit about growing, or those who are constrained by space, but still want a high-quality, fast turnaround. Candy Kush is able to go from seed to harvest in just 9-10 weeks, and can produce yields of up to 400 grams per square metre. The flavour she produces has a sweet caramel dominance, and as she is mainly indica, the high focuses on relaxing the body into a chilled bliss – perfect for unwinding on the sofa.

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As the name suggests, Moby Dick Autoflowering is Dinafem’s autoflowering version of their legendary strain, Moby Dick. It was through the crossing of Haze Auto x White Widow Autoflowering that the breeders of this renowned seed bank were able to produce this stable strain. Moby Dick Autoflowering produces a distinct flavour; a mingling of lemon, cedar, incense and Haze. The high induced in one of cerebral power, uplifting the mind with intense and long lasting energy – perfect for staying motivated or unburdening the mind. The world-class genetics behind Moby Dick Autoflowering means that she is not only a beautiful plant to behold, but she is also easy to grow and develops with a strong vigour. Moby Dick Autoflowering can reach heights of up to 1.3m and is able to produce yields of up to 230 grams per plant, depending on how she is grown. She goes from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks, which may be a little long for an autoflowering strain, but still a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things – and it is well worth it, as the bud she produces is completely soaked in resin.

Greenhouse Seeds has a reputation for producing remarkable cannabis seeds, and their popular Big Bang Autoflowering doesn’t buck the trend. She is the complex mix of Skunk x El Niño x Northern Light x Ruderalis, and the result is an all-round star that excels in pretty much every situation. She can be grown all year-round, indoors or outdoors, as long as temperatures remain above 10 degrees Celsius. Big Bang Autoflowering is also highly resilient to both novice errors and disease; as such, she is great for anyone looking to take the plunge with their first auto strain, or for those looking for some high-quality genetics to work with. The high produced by Big Bang Autoflowering is both calming and relaxing, without being too overpowering. When grown, she reaches up to heights of around 1m, but can be kept much shorter with training. Big Bang Autoflowering has a flowering time of 8 weeks, and can produce up to 900 grams per square metre when grown in optimal conditions.

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Every stoner out there has heard of the illustrious White Widow; it is an old-school legend that remains as popular in the coffee shops of Amsterdam today as it was back 20 years ago. Well, in order to help bring White Widow to the auto scene, Pyramid Seeds have created their very own Auto White Widow. Created from the mix of White Widow x Ruderalis, Auto White Widow stays as true to form as it possibly can. She has a sweet, yet earthy flavour, and is able to induce a mind-bendingly potent high – expect to be uplifted as your body is soothed and massaged. In terms of growing traits, Auto White Widow reaches heights of up to 1.2 m, and is able to produce 500 grams of prime bud in as little as 8-9 weeks. It is a tried and true classic, and easily deserving of the place it gets on this list of best autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Jack 47 Auto by Sweet Seeds is the result of years of hard work and breeding. She is a third generation hybrid created by mixing the legendary Jack Herer Auto with the multiple award winning AK-74. As you would expect from such a strong genetic background, Jack 47 Auto has all the qualities auto growers look for, and has suitably earned its place on this list as one of the best varieties of autoflowering seeds around. Jack 47 Auto produces a sweet incense flavour and is able to induce a potent, knockout high – staying true to its lineage. In terms of height, Jack 47 Auto can reach up to 1.2m, growing with multiple sites of dense, compact and highly resinous bud. As such, she is able to produce abundant yields, with a potential of up to 600 grams per square metre, or 200 grams per plant when outdoors. Jack 47 Auto goes from seed to harvest in as little as 9 weeks.

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After establishing your favourite autoflowering cannabis strains, you’ve mastered cultivating them over several growing seasons. Do you feel like it’s time for something new? If so, check out our best autoflowering cultivars of 2021. These new-school genetics offer huge levels of THC, branch-bending yields, and mouth-watering terpene profiles.

Check out the best autoflowering strains to cultivate in 2021 below.


Autoflowering cannabis strains are renowned for their resilience, speed, and overall ease. These traits make them ideal for beginners, experienced growers seeking an easy stash, and those seeking to optimise turnover.

Not long ago, some growers would turn up their noses at those who chose to grow autoflowers. The reason behind this is that early autos simply couldn’t match the yield, potency, and flavour of photoperiodic strains. Today, no one would dare say anything bad about Royal Gorilla Automatic, a dank auto that is more than deserving of the spotlight. This uber-potent lady from the US West Coast is a cross of Royal Gorilla, Royal Cookies, and ruderalis. She has been finely tuned for exceptional performance, beastly potency, and top resin production. Not to mention, she delivers up to 400g/m² of dense bud indoors—all within a short 8–10 weeks from seed.

Autoflowering cultivars are predisposed to flower based on age, as opposed to a change in the light cycle. Most varieties surge from seed to harvest in 8–10 weeks and reach a small to medium height that makes them easy to manage and conceal.