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bc seed bank

reliable seed bank, ordered the classic strains back in 1999, another order in 2004, 2006 I think, 2009, 2010 and 2014. Shipping stealth and industrucable seed conatiners has gotten way better, order process more complicated than it used to be, but its safer. Quality of gentic is greatly improved since my 2009 order. Freebies were excellent strains and fresh seeds, many seed banks will give you 10 immature seeds that dont usually sprout for, but if you order over $300, you get 30 free seeds and my freebies were good strains, totaling more than the 300 I spent. Hence why I am glad to leave a review. I will order again in a couple months.

I ordered seeds from
They never arrived and no one repllies to my inquiries.
I am worried sick.

I purchased Sativa feminized Skunk. Out of 10 seeds 7 were male & the strain was mixed junk of Indica & Sativa of unknown strain!

guest United States, August 2011

Big ripoff. Their site is a joke, same like the strains there. Do not buy anything here!!

We do not want anyone to act in conflict with their locals laws. We do not endorse any illegal activity. THC stands for Total Hope Calculation percentage, CBD stands for Canada Bud Disposition percentage.

Euphoria Unlimited, Elephant Dung, Upstate, nothing but hype that cost ridiculous amounts of money. Their site is a joke, and the reviews have got to be fake.

Great communication,smart fast shipping,to me in the U.S. Only cost 5 dollars..And free seeds to sweeten the deal.

Our Authentic BC Seeds are only available for sale on this internet site. No other sites are authorized to sell our weed seeds so that we have 100 % control over our quality. We are the most trusted name in viable marijuana seeds because 1998. For peace of mind, we supply you a 100 % Dispatch guarantee.

Because our huge leap ahead of our competitors in our Quality, THC, Taste, and Weight Making Buds, a mad rush has our genetics commonly offered out. Please be patient as you may not have the ability to buy until the need levels off. We still have the strictest quality assurance, and we could not merely ramp up manufacturing to meet the need, we should preserve our track record and quality even if you’re irritated that you can not place an order when we have no stock available.

BC SEEDS Review. BC Seeds are the developer of the globes strongest marijuana seeds and provides a 100 % Distribution Assurance so you could relax, loosen up and purchase without concern. We have actually mastered the art of stealth shipping because 1998.

BC SEEDS provides the very best cannabis genetics with the highest THC level cannabis seeds, much greater than other seed bank. (Breeder’s for over 39 years), online given that 1998.

Annihilation Bud, Oracle Bud, Elephant Bud, and Ecstasy Unlimited Bud are simply a few of the brand-new outstanding weed strain developments. However our latest production, Infinity Bud is what all the buzz is about due to the fact that it’s the globe’s greatest weed. A direct outcome from decades of our demanding (and expensive $ 350,000.00 +) exclusive cannabis research and development program. The substantial majority of development genetics occurred within the previous 4 years, and our competitors is still stuck in the dinosaur ages, utilizing 8 year old mother duplicates to produce sub-par, customary uninteresting genetics that are exhausting in THC, and vitality.

We apologize ahead of time if you can not await our seed stock to come back by the time you need them. It is still really harmful to order seeds online, so if you need seeds without delay and cannot await our products to come in stock, please order direct from Amsterdam, they will take good care of you: Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

We offer ensured worldwide distribution, up to 30 + free of charge weed seeds which are from our finest hereditary gene pool. We never provide you old seeds as your giveaways like other seed banks. Our stock is replaced every 3 month’s, and your freebies are never older than 3 month’s either! You get 100 % germination rate’s with all strains, even your giveaways.

The BC Seed Bank is best seed bank shipping to Australia. We have the most advanced super stealth shipping and insider Postal information to always keep two steps ahead. We make certain 100% or your order arrives safely, 100% guaranteed! We are one only one of few legit seed banks shipping to Australia. New Zealand customers are welcome as always. We use the same super stealth shipping for our New Zealand customers.

Welcome to the Original BC Seed Bank, since 1985. We ship marijuana seeds worldwide. We’re your global cannabis seed bank with the world’s strongest cannabis strains. The BC Seed Bank has the most potent weed on earth. We’re proud to offer you a large assortment of British Columbia Marijuana Seeds. The BC Seed Bank is here to help you with all your marijuana grow questions.

The entire world knows that Canada has the best marijuana seeds in the world. It’s because Vancouver Island has the best climate in the world for cannabis seed production.

Best Canadian Seed Bank is the BC Seed Bank

BC Seed Bank is the best seed bank shipping to the USA since 1985. If you need your seeds fast, then get your order shipped from the BC Seed Bank.

The best Canadian seed bank is the British Columbia Seed Bank. We have 1-2 day delivery for all orders inside Canada, We are the best Canadian seed bank from Vancouver to New Foundland. Get the best Canadian acclimatized cannabis seeds so your outdoor grow survives the Canadian cold weather.

Just check out our BC Seed Bank seeds catalogue. we have all your favourite strains included White Widow Feminized Seeds, Afghan Feminized Seeds and over a 100 more.