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autoflower seed bank

The autoflower seed banks listed below have all these things, and more.

As autoflower seeds are relatively new and still somewhat less popular than feminized seeds, it can be difficult to find a seed bank that stocks a wide variety of high-quality autoflowering seed strains. Our list is here to help out cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for a smaller plant with a shorter growing cycle, as well as yield and potency which are not dramatically lower than photoperiod seeds.

Auto-flowering cannabis seed strains have been commercially sold by different seed banks since the early 2000s, but suffered from a major reduction in their potency and yield, resulting in a lower quality product. Because of this, they weren’t very popular, until recently.

Choosing the Best Seed Bank for Autoflower Seeds

When choosing which autoflowering seed bank to buy from, it’s important to pay attention to more than just their selection of autoflower seeds and prices. Things like the company’s shipping options, promotions, guarantees, and much more will also come into play. As auto-flowering strains already tend to grow smaller and be less potent, it’s crucial to choose a reputable seed bank that carries top-notch automatic genetics only.

Autoflower seeds are way easier to grow than other types of seeds, they also grow faster, and still result in a high quality harvest. This is why they started gaining popularity, especially among novice growers. These days, auto-flowering seeds are being sold by all major seed banks. Actually, it would be correct to say that autoflower seeds are trending in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, and all over the world, almost booming, this is because of the improvement in their quality, potency, and yield over the last few years.

In recent years and after many breeding cycles, seed breeders managed to drastically reduce the gap between photoperiod seeds (regular/feminized) to non-photoperiod seeds (autoflower). These days, the autoflower seed strains sold in top seed banks provide smaller plants with shorter growing cycles, but still produce relatively potent plants that are not too small.

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Our expert breeders employ tried and true techniques to enhance your favorite strains with the auto-flowering capabilities of the ruderalis variety – same great weed but with less work. And faster!

Out of the 5 cannabis seed varieties that PSB has to offer, autoflowering seeds are undoubtedly the most popular. Auto strains are generally said to be easier to grow and harvest throughout every cycle, particularly for beginner growers who are still learning the skill of cultivating a cannabis garden. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through some tips and tricks on how to maximize your autoflowering yields.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are suitable for all levels of growers, but especially beginners. These particular seeds are easier to harvest and maintain in the long-run. They’re typically low-maintenance when compared to other types of marijuana plants, which means you don’t have to stress out if you miss a day of watering.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds are Safe

There are so many reasons to grow weed at home as a patient – not only will you have access to powerful pain relief (not to mention a potent sleep aid, proven mood booster, appetite inducer, and more), you’ll also know exactly what you’re getting and where it’s coming from. Invaluable information in this day and age.

Since word started getting out that marijuana can be a viable alternative to prescription medication for pain relief, mental health disorders like stress and anxiety, and even a contender in the fight against cancer, more and more patients and physicians are open to including weed as part of treatment plans. Because supply and demand can be a tricky thing, the right for patients to grow their own cannabis at home is becoming increasingly popular, and auto-flowering pot seeds make top-quality medication that much more accessible.

You may think that just because a cannabis seed is labeled auto-flowering they’ll take some extra special technique to get them going. But you’d be wrong! The only difference between auto-flowering strains and those that aren’t is the teeny percentage of ruderalis genetics that give them the capability to change from the vegetative stage to the flowering without a change in light patterns.

Growers love our autoflowering cannabis seeds because they require less attention and often have a shorter overall growing time than traditional feminized plants. Rather than worrying about when to switch your plants from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage (traditionally done by changing the number of daylight hours the plants receive), growers can simply plant their seeds and wait for their buds to develop!