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autoflower pot plants

A characteristic that gives the cannabis plant the ability to start and complete the flowering phase as a result of the plant’s age without reducing daylight hours. The characteristics of autoflower seeds are theorized to be a result of plants containing ruderalis genes.

To grow autoflowering marijuana seeds, first select an indoor or outdoor environment. An indoor environment will allow you to cultivate the seeds any time of year provided that they have access to at least 18 hours of light per day. An outdoor environment works best starting in the spring when natural light is plentiful.

What is autoflowering?

Regardless of grow environment, there’s no need to supplement plants with a high level of nutrients as autoflowering seeds work independently. If growing a potted autoflower plant indoors, make sure your pot has drainage holes to provide sufficient oxygen. Be aware that some autoflowering strains may grow up to 4 feet tall, so give your seeds plenty of space to flower.

Autoflowering plants can start to flower within 2-4 weeks.

With age, autoflowering seeds of cannabis can switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage.

Obviously, they’re more expensive than regular plastic pots so you will have to see if they’re worth it in your case but a lot of growers have compared them side to side and the plant in the air or fabric pot grows slightly better, but as always, it’s up to you to experiment and reach your own conclusions.

6. Adding a bottom layer of hydroton clay balls at the base of your pots will improve drainage and the exchange of oxygen around the root zone.

Inadequate drainage will cause the growing medium to become waterlogged, over time reducing the oxygen around the roots. Not only will roots suffer when this occurs, but nutrient uptake and transpiration will also temporarily cease until the preferred conditions are met.

3. The Importance of Drainage When Growing Autos

There is no need to grow an autoflowering seed in a huge pot size (bigger than 15L) because much of the medium will not be fully utilized, as if using a 10L pot for example.

5. If you have a sewing machine, ordering a large roll of thick felt will allow you to customize your own pots, making them the exact size and shape you prefer.

4. Do not use more than 15 liters (4 gallons) of medium per auto-flowering plant. It is best to work with sizes 6.5-15 liter (1.7-4 gallons) depending on the chosen style of growing, the cultivar, and the climate you are living in.

Another alternative if you prefer not to use mobile plant pots, is to plant directly into the ground. Preferably an organic soil bed that has been specially created for cultivating autoflowering Cannabis and is teaming with microbial life.