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autoflower outdoor australia

Hey guys i live in oz i just ordered these auto strains from planetskunk they are female seeds im going to growing outside under the sun anyone had experience shipping to australia from this store?

1 x Tundra® Auto Flowering & Feminized
1 x Automaria (Ruderalis)

10 female seeds of each

will let you know when they arrive

Automaria Feminised from Paradise Seeds
A fast flowering stoney plant of Ruderalis/Indica origin. This plant, as the name suggests, spontaneously starts making resinous flowers even in the middle of summer or indoors, no matter how many hours of light. These seeds guarantee a quick harvest, "instant satisfaction".

I’m not the greatest grower in the world and don’t pretend to be. I figure this may help someone who is just starting avoid a little bit of the confusion when it comes to what to use that’s easily attainable in Australia.

A couple of ladies growing that have never been indoors.

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The above plants are showing classic signs of heat stress badly cannoed and wilting leaves. These are the same two plants shown above, previously healthy.

The first thing i would say to do when you want to start growing your own is read these couple of guides.

Remember this is just what I’m using, there’s thousands of products available that I’m sure you could grow great meds with.