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auto fem cannabis seeds

3. Complementing your normal grow method. Many growers that grow traditional varieties of weed have treated themselves to an additional packet of autofem seeds for the first time this year. The Autofem seeds may be grown in a sunny corner of the garden or greenhouse, and will generally not grow taller than 1metre so are easily hidden. Other growers will plant the Autofem seeds in a suitable outdoor plot in the countryside. The plants will need just over 2 months from start to finish and will not grow tall enough to be noticed by anyone (hopefully). Growers in the Mediterranean will be able to get 3 crops a year with autofem seeds.

Research and development into autofem seeds continues at a hectic pace. Here at Dutch Passion much work is going into the Ruderalis genetics and selection. This helps with the integration of indica and sativa genes during breeding. The future of autofem strains is very bright indeed, the existing strains are popular for all the right reasons and we have some great new autofem strains which we will be introducing as soon as they satisfy our demanding standards for yield and potency. Keep checking this blog and the website for all the latest news.

2. Growing in the extreme north. Many growers that live in the far north (Scandinavia, Canada, Siberia etc) often have very short summers with perhaps just 2-3 months of reliably warm and sunny days. For these growers autofem varieties are often the only realistic way of growing decent quality weed outdoors or in a greenhouse.

4. Patio growers. Even those growers with the smallest balcony, window-sill or patio can often find somewhere to grow autofem seeds. Many first time growers are finding that the speed and convenience of autofem seeds make ‘growing your own’ much simpler than they ever imagined.

Remember that autoflowering/autofem seeds have only around 70 days of life. During this time they have to lay down a root system, grow branches and bud. Realistically the autoflowering varieties will not be able to match the yields that a traditionally grown plant can achieve in e.g. a 6 month life cycle. Most autoflowering plants can achieve 25-50 grams of bud when grown in good conditions with plenty of light. The best yield we have come across was an astonishing 249gram yield from an AutoMazar which was grown indoors using non-organic hydroponics in Ireland by a very talented (and lucky) DP customer.

First of all we should say that Autofem seeds have come a long way since they were first introduced. Some of the early pioneers of the auto seeds did have problems with hermie tendencies, limited potency and inconsistent growth. The good news is that any early problems with autoflowering seeds have been resolved and the quality seedbanks now have a good understanding of how the seeds work and how to produce stable results.

One of the hot topics in the cannabis community these days is the subject of autoflowering ganja. As many of you may already be aware, autoflowering seeds grow from seed to finished bud in around 70 days. The seeds perform this automatic growth cycle irrespective of whether they are growing indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors. Unlike normal ganja which flowers when the daylight hours reduce (either indoors or outdoors as autumn approaches), autofem seeds flower automatically based on their age. Here at Dutch Passion we sell feminised autoflowering varieties which we call Autofem seeds. This year we have been overwhelmed with demand for them. Autoflowering/autofem varieties are a relatively new innovation and you can read more about them here.

Here are some of our most popular indoor feminized strain seeds:

Look out for our special offers and discount strains, including ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ promotions and up to 50% off the list price deals. Our range of auto-flowering feminized marijuana seeds will continue to be updated as new and exciting strains catch our attention, so make sure you keep checking back.

Auto Bluetooth Feminized – An auto-flowering cross of two of our fruitiest tasting strains, Auto Berry and Super Sweet Tooth. Staying short and stocky thanks to the ruderalis genetics, it’s an ideal strain for balconies or where space is an issue.

Auto Lemon Haze Feminized – This strain was created by crossing Lemon SkunkLemon Skunk, Super Silver Haze and original Lowryder, and has given us one of the most exciting auto-flowering strains in ages.

To filter and find exactly what you want, you can use our sorting options on the left of this page. You can then purchase your seeds through our online, secure shopping cart with a debit or credit card. FREE delivery is available on many of our indoor marijuana (cannabis) seeds. We also ship internationally using stealth delivery.

DO – Try Growing Outdoors. Autoflowers can be ideal for indoor situations because of their small size, but do not deny yourself the pleasure and excitement of growing a USA auto strain in the great outdoors. You won’t have to tarp your greenhouse or move your plants inside every night to monitor the 12/12 light cycle, so this should free up a lot of time and reduce stress for existing outdoor cannabis growers.

Because Cannabis has been around for so many generations, growers eventually got curious about how we could make this domesticated plant serve our needs better. The first autoflowering strains to hit the market were descendants from the Ruderalis stream of the Cannabis plant family. Rather different from Indica cannabis and sativa cannabis plants, the ruderalis genetics behold a very low THC product. The upside of these plants though is that they switch to flowering automatically after a set number of weeks in growth, and NOT determined by the number of light hours provided each day as with standard cannabis seeds.

If you are looking for the best lights to use for growing autoflower plants indoors, we have a few suggestions to consider. Given that the auto strains don’t typically get very tall, growers will want the freedom to lower their lights so they are about 1.5-2.5 feet above the canopy for LED lights (3-4 feet with HID or HPS lighting set ups). If cost savings are your primary objective, use LED or even CF (Compact Fluorescent) light for your autoflower plants. If your goal is maximum yield regardless of energy usage, growers should invest in High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights for the vegging stage and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights for the flowering stage. These options offer the maximum wattage power and best spectrum for developing the auto plant to its full potential.

Optimal lighting conditions for autoflower seeds

Modern Day Cannabis Breeders

Cerebral high? Check. Fast-growing? Check. Healing effects of CBD? All checks across the board!

Premium marijuana products can be derived from just about any kind of seed, but genuine American auto seeds can set you up for a quick and successful grow with minimal reasons to struggle. Regular ‘photoperiod’ strains of cannabis will basically grow in the vegetative phase if there is more than 12 hours of light provided consecutively. Once the light cycle has shortened to 12 hours or less, the plant will begin to flower. As long as you avoid pollination, flowers will get bigger, denser, and stickier with high resin being developed, all in the pursuit of attracting some male pollen to produce seeds – and such is the cycle of life!

When you look for autoflowering feminized seeds for sale on the internet, be aware that some seed banks do not offer guarantees of any kind. I49 USA has the track record of customer service and positive reviews to prove that our seeds are legitimate and viable, and our autoflowering seeds are no exception. We aim to make your growing experience as simple and straightforward as possible, so if you experience any problem with your seed order don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Buying pre- autoflower seeds from a reputable seed distributor really does streamline the growing process – saving you both time and space.