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attitude seed company reviews

Attitude seed-bank is a seed-bank with more than over a decade of experience and have also been awarded several awards. They have several deals on their website and provide discrete shipping and have a blog were you can find information and some exclusive offers. When you are buying from attitude seed-bank you should also check out their promotions page. Here you can find the latest deals and information about the seeds.
They have competitive prices and price their seeds in pounds. This is actually confusing for buyers who want to purchase in dollars (we recommend to check the current exchange rate). It is however possible to pay in GBP and transfer the dollars with your bank at checkout, other currencies like crypto; we refer to heading payment options (Attitude seed-bank). Most seeds cost $10.- and are market conform. The deals from attitude seed-bank is were you can save the money!

Simona also said that if they did make an inquiry about my parcel(my property, what I paid for) they would tell them that it contained “Cannabis seeds” even though Attitude makes a statuary declaration on the parcel that it contains “baby’s toys”.By doing this they sabotage any hope of me getting my parcel. Simona said the owner of Attitude seeds was “fully” aware of the situation.

What makes Attitude seed-bank such a popular option?

Attitude seed-bank provides world wide shipping, but kindly refers to check your country laws against marijuana products. Some are very strict and could cause problems when shipping. They do however have very discreet packaging, only the customer’s name and address will be on the package.
You can also order with “super discreet” shipping. This is an option you can select when you checkout your order. 99% of the super discreet shipping offers will be delivered. The highest percentage we have ever encountered. The only countries that are excluded for this option are: Mexico, Iran & Turkey.
Shipping time depends on were you live. Three working days within the United Kingdom and in 99% of the time, 7-10 working days internationally. This is a very fast shipping compared to other seed banks; if you want your seeds fast order at attitude seed-bank. After shipment, they will provide you with a tracking number.
The return policy of attitude seed-bank is good. International shipments with guaranteed international option will be reshipped if your parcel did not receive the order. If there are any problems with the shipment you can ask them for a refund. If the transportation company notes you did not receive your order, they are very easy regarding a reshipment.

Attitude seed-bank accepts almost every payment option thinkable; let’s take a closer look. Starting with credit and debits cards online, they accept every card except for Master Card. Master card is easily hackable these days and attitude seed-bank refuses to provide this option. If you pay with another credit card; your bank statement be as discrete as possible, if you have a special request you can contact attitude seed-bank.
They also take phone orders and help you in every step of the way. Attitude seed-bank provide the option to pay in cash & gift cards. Just give attitude seed-bank an email and they will tell you how to proceed [email protected] If you want to pay with cryptocurrency; also send them an e-mail.
Another option is to download a printable order from the website of attitude seed-bank. You can then send this form to your postal office and the order will be completed. This is a unique way for people who do not like online transactions. You must however state your name and address in order to proceed with a printable order.
As stated; they will charge you in GBP; but your bank will take care of any currency conversions. They do not accept PayPal.

My initial order never arrived, no customs letter. I contacted my local mail service who said to contact the sender. Contacted Attitude and they were not interested in looking for my order.

I think we all know paying for insurance was always done in the spirit of customs stopping the parcel. NOT. just missing(never had customs stop an order in 20 years and still haven't). even though Simona was to make assumptions without facts and says customs have them but can't prove this, which makes her a liar.

I have found the ATTITUDE to be a great retailer. Always get my seeds in original packs.
Great prices and specials.

Excellent seed bank, wide variety, fair price, promotions, fast and discreet shipping, excellent customer service, multiple payment methods, worldwide shipping.


I proved to them, even by Royal Mails website that Attitude didn't even send them correctly. but I'm being told I have to take responsibility for their actions because I didn't pay for insurance. . What.

The negative comments dont make sense. STAY AWAY from SENSIBLE SEEDS rather.

Attitude said they would just resend the order(so I didn't argue) but then a week later they tell me they are out of stock so I "MUST" choose something else(which I had already "chosen" to do with my second order that I did receive) I won't be told I "MUST" do something, how absurd!

Ordered and paid for 2 packs of seeds on the 1st of April. Following the tracking, at 3 weeks it seemed to be stuck in Australia. I proceeded to order another pack so I would still have something to grow, they turned up 3 weeks later.