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attitude seed bank busted

They supply cannabis seeds both in the US and worldwide. All global orders are guaranteed to be delivered, and if not, resend them yourself, even adding random things like pens and flashlights to their orders to keep them discreet and easy. You can pay them with Bitcoin, Credit Card Visa, or Mastercard.

In addition to the anonymity option, anonymous bills through Bitcoin help ensure safe, invaluable purchases. Herbies Seeds prides itself on reliability and prompt service. No, matter where you are global, Herbie guarantees that you will receive your seeds in less than weeks. Visit Herbies customer service team for help.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Ordering in the USA will take approximately one to three weeks and they allow you to select individual seeds of different types and order them that way. In one order, you can have as many individual seeds of different brands and types as you want.

The company also offers customers a guaranteed shipping option where you are guaranteed delivery of the seeds no matter what. Also, offer regular discounts and they even offer loyalty points so you can save money on your subsequent buying trip.

Seedsman, a UK-based seed bank, is widely recognized as the most trusted seed bank founded in 2003. Since then she has been a well-known supplier in the high-quality seeds market. These are some of the best seeds on the internet banks that deliver seeds to the United States.

My experience is I’ve received all orders shipped via US purveyors. There is no THC and they are the same as hemp seeds. The US mail is also covered under "right to privacy" unless passing customs. I’m not a legal expert but just don’t see a crime doing this.

I was surfing and asked growweedeasy why they didn’t list US seed stores. This was the reply:
That’s actually on purpose. US seedbanks – in particular, their owners – face much worse legal repercussions than a foreign-based company. We don’t point to US companies because the amount of traffic we send comes with more scrutiny. The truth is, all US companies sending seeds through federal US mail are only able to operate simply because they haven’t been noticed by authorities.

James bean company great lake genetics seedbank of California oregongreenseed ect


Remember, no matter what your state cannabis laws are, weed is still a schedule 1 drug. Any US-based seedbank is one snitch away from federal prison. Once we can send traffic to people without risk to them (or ourselves), we’ll include US seedbanks for sure; we would rather avoid dealing with US customs, woo.

and any reliable seed shop recommendations would be awesome

Pretty hard.. go online gorilla herbies nirvana bonza the vault attitude midweek msnl ect. or even the us banks pay for it wait a week and look in your mail box now take at Least 2 weeks off to recover state laws dont mean shit to the feds but the feds dont want you if your really lucky you might get a fancy letter to hang on your wall

how does someone go about buying seeds online without getting busted I’m in a recreational legal state and could go buy clones from a dispensary but i want to check out some specific strains or even autoflower strains