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The staff is so friendly you’ll want to offer them your joint every time they check in on you. It’s like visiting your hippie friend’s house, except they spend the whole time making sure you’re comfortable and content. The moment I stepped inside, the budtender smiled and welcomed me. His eyes lit up and his grin grew wide when I asked which strain was his favorite. He showed me some authentic Cheese which had that deep, funky parmesan aroma unique to the strain.

I sampled their Dr. Grinspoon and Tangerine Dream. The Grinspoon was uplifting and heady, a truly energizing strain that’s great for daytime adventures. The Tangerine Dream had a classic earthy, orange flavor and nice plump buds.

(Courtesy of Barney’s)

Prix d’Ami

If you’re a pot connoisseur like me, understand that the Dutch have their own standards that differ from the North American cannabis industry. Their cannabis is still good and what they are telling you isn’t necessarily wrong—it’s just a different perspective.

Abraxas is a coffeeshop experience you simply cannot pass up when in Amsterdam.

The beauty of a place like Amsterdam is the number of welcoming, comfortable places to smoke a joint. No sense in pushing the boundaries of respect in public; just pop into one of the many coffeeshops in the city. Occasionally you can find bars, restaurants, and other establishments that are cannabis-friendly too.

Tucked in the narrow streets of the city center sits a three-story lounge with a whimsical vibe. Knotted tree branches tangle together with other natural décor that makes it feel like you’ve landed in Middle Earth. Abraxas might be my favorite coffeeshop to duck into for a solo joint. Its atmosphere is second to none.

Sour Strawberry Diesel is a sativa-dominant variety with a relatively short 8–9 week flowering period. In the grow-op, she is not a demanding diva; rather, a vigorous, highly productive hybrid. Growers of all levels will appreciate this low-maintenance, high-class head stash.

Gorilla Glue is a space-hungry marijuana monster to cultivate. Phenotype variation is common. Early training and pruning is recommended to control plant height. Production and potency will be contingent upon how much grow-op game you’ve got. Treat her right and a covetous harvest of the stickiest cannabis could be yours.

Available at Barney’s Farm, Dampkring, Amnesia


The nicely balanced hybrid Gorilla Glue #4 is another uber-potent US strain that has conquered the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. Packing close to 30% THC, glistening, resin-coated nugs ooze the dank aroma of diesel. Gorilla Glue #4 is for the fire-breathers. Even veteran stoners might need to take 5 after just a few tokes from a spliff, perhaps pausing to sip a coffee or a cool glass of sweet sweet Chocomel (chocolate milk brand of choice in most coffeeshops).

Available at Abraxas, Baba, Greenhouse

Available at The Stud, De Kade, 1e Hulp, Katsu

The world-star weed from the US West Coast is top of the most wanted marijuana list in Europe too. Her fuel-kush odour with sour citrus notes, neon green frosty nugs, and knockout potency will temp and enchant you. 20%+ THC levels are guaranteed from the dankest specimens. Veterans will enjoy the initial euphoric wave before the heavier physical effect takes hold. Newbies might find themselves couchlocked in the coffeeshop. Try to find a comfy place to sit for an OG Kush session.