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amsterdam online weed shopping

Ordering weed online is easier if you think.
Where you used to go to the Coffee Shop for Weed.
Order your favorites Weed in just a few clicks.
All our orders are delivered at home within 1 – 2 business days.

Hashish or hashish is a consciousness-altering agent that can have different effects after and/or during its use.
It can be “stoned” or “high” (one feels less inhibited and the senses seem to work more sharply.
it then works mind-expanding and one has a different awareness of the time and things around them).
Some users feel relaxed, this can be done both if one is stoned or high.


Cannabis (or weed, from the English weed = ‘weeds’) is the Latin name for hemp.
Cannabis is found as a drug in two forms, ‘weed’ and ‘hashish’.
Hashish or hashish is the resin, which can range from almost liquid and oily to very hard.
Another well-known name is marijuana.
These variants are extracted from the flower tops (or rather seed boxes) of this plant, at least – preferably
of the female, unfertilized plant (sinsemilla).

When you want to order Weed online you want to make sure it is completely safe.
On our webshop you can safely order weed.
Our webshop uses ssl encryption.
SSL encryption ensures that the data is encrypted.
We also host our webshop in an Offshore country.
Offshore means that we have not hosted the website in Europ.
The offshore country does not provide data to the third party.

Safe Ordering Weed is
We vacuum all our products to prevent stench.
In addition, we send everything in blank envoloppen.
Also, we don’t post texts with weed or hashish anywhere on the Envelope.

Il CBD shop Magic Weed Amsterdam prevede le seguenti modalità di pagamento: carta di credito/debito o via bonifico bancario.

Per spedizioni superiori ai 10Kg verrà calcolato un costo supplementare su richiesta.

La vendita e spedizione dei prodotti presenti su questo sito sono regolati da ” T&C e Incoterms 2010 consultabile” a questo link


Spedizione express 24-72 ore: € 89,00 in tutta Europa sino a 3kg – €139/180 da 3 Kg sino a 10 Kg

La qualità dei nostri prodotti Olandesi con un alto contenuto di cbd e cannabinoidi aggiunti è certificata. Tutti nostri prodotti, tra i quali, marijuana light, canapa sativa , liquidi per vaporizzatori, olio cbd, crumble, cannabis light wax e diverse varietà di hashish legale, charas, afghan e polline, prima di essere immesse sul mercato devono superare rigorosi controlli. I controlli sono di qualità e sicurezza nei nostri laboratori Olandesi e Svizzeri nel rispetto della normativa Europea vigente per la canapa industriale. I nostri prodotti possono essere utilizzati per uso tecnico, ricerca, ricreativo e terapeutico.

Evasione dell’ordine e consegna in 24/72 ore

Spedizione standard 5-7 days: €19,00 in tutta Europa sino a 3Kg – €39/69 da 3kg sino a 10Kg