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amsterdam cannabis seeds review

Supporting growers is an essential part of AMS’s mission. Growing cannabis can be a challenging hobby, so AMS staff offers support throughout the entire process. The company has even crafted a Growing Guide to answer questions and offer solutions to common problems, helping to facilitate maximum yield. Some growers craft strains that are grown exclusively for us, while others come to us with their best strains because they know our customers appreciate quality. This is how our XTRM and premium strain lines were born, among others.

With 25 years in the business, we at AMS know what we’re doing, and we do it with confidence! We have been delivering hundreds of strains to international clients for a quarter-century, while also breeding our own top-quality strains.
Crafting the best quality cannabis seeds for the plethora of needs the world has is what we like to do best.

We are connoisseurs that sell to other connoisseurs – proud of our craft and confident in our product. As such, we’re always willing to share our knowledge and experience with both beginners and expert growers alike. Do you love high yields with the best flavonoids and terpenoids? Then our marijuana seeds assortment has much more to offer. The quality of our weed seeds can be attributable to the same quality of the parent strains from where we extract our marijuana seeds.

When I get seedlings that are stuck in the shell, I have found that a mini zip tie is the perfect tool to scrape it off. I spray it with water and keep it wet for like 10 mins and then start pickin it off with the pointy end of the zip tie. It gives me precision, flexibility, and the beveled edge is perfect for picking at the placenta without damaging the seedling.

You put the taproot pointing down when you planted them right?

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Not tryin to be a dick, just givin some tips.

Actually germing in tap water is good because yes the seed pretty much supplys its own food for a while but there are valuable and usable minerals in your tap water.

And just to let you know, you don’t rly need to sterilize or boil a cup for germing, or anything really. There plants, they live in dirt.