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agent orange cannabis seeds

What makes cultivating these orange seeds a bit more complicated is the fact that you need to trim the bush once in a while. Otherwise, you risk having a chaotically growing tree instead of a nice and neat plant.

Agent Orange seeds represent a very nice cannabis strain. The THC level is not that high, the taste and fragrance are really sweet, and the effect that this marijuana causes on people is absolutely loved by users. No surprise here – wouldn’t you love your body to achieve complete relaxation in no time? You will almost feel lethargic, though very happy and giggly.

Agent Orange strain is widely used for medicinal purposes. Its cheerful and uplifting effect helps with stress-related issues a lot. This marijuana can also come in handy when suffering from depression.

Character & Flavor

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Agent Orange cannabis is a classic Sativa – it gives you a strong body and mind relaxation fast! However, the effect is like a roller-coaster: as now you will be glued to the couch, and an hour later, you’ll experience a very uplifting and motivating effect.

One cannot say that Agent Orange feminized seeds are actually beginner-friendly. It is not something completely impossible, but it would be better if a grower already has some experience in cultivating cannabis seeds.

As Agent Orange has a very strong relaxation effect, this makes it useful for fighting anxiety and pain or fatigue. Your body and mind can just finally relax without having to struggle with any issues.

Agent Orange is the perfect strain for the lovers of cannabis with fruity taste, and produces around 500g/m2 in 55-65 days of flowering.

Available as regular seeds, Agent Orange is ideal for crossbreeding and selection in order to endow your favourite strains with a fruity flavour.

Agent Orange’s harvest, which can exceed 500gr/m2 indoors and 500gr per plant outdoors, consists on fleshy and swollen buds generously covered in resin.

Productive and Orange Flavoured Regular Strain

The result of crossing Orange Velvet x Jack The Ripper, Agent Orange is a strain cherished by both beginners and experienced growers alike: easy to grow and productive, will captivate novice growers, while the experts will have it as a reference point for its intense, complex and highly regarded citrusy aroma.

Given its harvests, it blooms rather fast, and needs less than 55-65 days indoor cultivation. Outdoors, where it gives excellent results, it will be ready between September and October. In wet and humid areas, it’s advisable to prune these plants in order to promote a good amount of medium-sized buds, instead of large flowers that could be susceptible to mould.

The strain Agent Orange is an easy-to-grow Indica/Sativa hybrid with quick and generous harvests of citrus, floral and spicy taste that will delight the lovers of fruity flavoured marijuana.

The taste and smell of Agent Orange is clearly fruity, combining orange and lemon notes on a spicy background with heady touches reminiscent of citrus liqueur.