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The seeds Nordes from Absolute Cannabis Seeds are a very fast flowering variety, which forms very easy to grow plants, very resistant, dense, compact, and that produce a large amount of buds full of a very sticky and striking resin.

Nordés is one of the best marijuana seeds to carry out all kinds of resin extractions, in addition to being the winner of the second prize for Indica varieties of the Copa Cannábica do Noroeste 2016.


You already have available at the feminized Nordes seed from Absolute Cannabis Seeds, from a crossing of Black Domina with Critigal+. Its Afghan ancestry transmits to this hybrid an indica-dominant genetic inheritance, giving it a tough and strong structure capable of supporting its heavy and dense buds.

When grow outdoors its height exceeds two meters and the production is about 600 grams per plant, but the most remarkable thing is that it is ready to be cut at the beginning of September. This makes it very appreciated by growers who live in rainy or cold territories, since they can harvest their plants before the arrival of autumn.

It has a very fast flowering both indoors, 45-50 days, and outdoors, from September 1 to 15, ending its flowering cycle at the end of summer. These characteristics make it an essential choice for outdoor, greenhouse and guerrilla cultivation, especially in humid places. That is why it is known by the name of the northeast wind in Galicia: NORDESE.

This plant is the result of cross-breeding Black Domina with Critigal+. Its Afghan ancestry provides an Indica element to this strong, tough hybrid capable of finishing the flowering stage by the end of the summer. These features make it an indispensable choice for outdoor, greenhouse and guerrilla crops, particularly in humid environments. That is why we named it after the northeast wind that often sweeps Galicia: NORDÉS.

Its buds are dense and heavy, and completely covered in resin. It is an exceptional plant when it comes to extractions, on account of its abundant production and the quality of the final product. Its taste and aroma are penetrating and intense, very similar to Skunk’s, a strain which also contains Afghan genetics. It has a strong Indica effect mainly on the body, making it ideal for relaxing activities.


The seeds of this strain produce plants that are easy to grow, very resistant, dense, compact, and early bloomers with a large amount of resin in their flowers. When grown outdoors, it can reach over two metres and its yield is around 600 grams per plant, but, most importantly, it is ready to be harvested at the beginning of September. That is why growers from rainy or cold regions really appreciate it, as they can harvest their plants before autumn comes. In indoor crops, it is perfect for the Sea of Green method, thanks to its large central bud, for which topping is not recommended. Flowering comes to an end after 50 days with 12 hours of daily light, and the plant produces around 500 grams per square metre.

Nodés is one of the best strains for all kind of resin extractions.

Copa Cannábica do Noroeste (2016): second position in “Indica” category.