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In most cases, mold indicates the end of a journey – the bin. But what happens when you take it as the beginning of the story? When this is the starting point for manifold narratives yet to come? Fantasies you might never have thought of before?

Well, then it’s Mold – an eco-speculative publication from the US which explores how design and technology can shape the future of food and our relationship towards it. Why did we choose this one? It’s about food, sure. But moreover, because Mold succeeds issue after issue in making the unknown tangible within the present – and that for a readership which is probably as heterogeneous as mold itself! Not to mention its mind-blowing futuristic visual identity, art directed by Eric Hu (known for NikeLab) and Matthew Tsang, creative director for the art gallery and book publisher David Zwirner.

Mold magazine is just one project of many – alongside events, summits, food art, design projects – that make up the platform MOLD. Can you tell us more about the greater concept of MOLD?

Linyee, we are so happy that Mold #5, which is dedicated to seeds, dropped into our lives right on time. What can we learn from seeds in these troubling times?

When putting together this issue, we asked our contributors – designers, scientists, farmers, artists, architects, and activists – what seed intelligence might teach us as we navigate uncertainty. Each person had a unique answer to this question but what came across as general themes were that acts of mutual care should be considered a tenet of design, that there is much to be learned and passed on from generation to generation, and that we, as designers, should be crafting aesthetics of (bio)diversity that inspire new ways of imagining the world around us. These foundational ideas are ones that we can sow across our personal and professional lives as we engage in deep listening and start designing with collaborators (human and nonhuman) to architect new ways of relating to one another.

One of the nicer seeds about, this is a great one for exploring and figuring out all the ropes – while still offering up many inventive ways that the game can kill you.

Hey, sometimes size really does not matter and that is certainly the case with this one – the name Smallest Island Ever probably gave that little detail away.

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Pillager Outpost

Another chilly one here – and this one is not just cold, it also has spikes that sound cold and dangerous.

Do you like bamboo and lava? If so then this is one that you will definitely want to check out.

There is almost one to match every Minecraft need you have and whether you want something small, something cold, or something tropical, you will find that there is a seed out there for you.

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