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100 female seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme by ILGM is an 80% indica strain comprised of the same base genetics (OG Kush and Durban Poison) used to create Thin Mints, Platinum Cookies, and GSC. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme feminized seeds grow easily indoors and outdoors, producing medium-height plants resistant to pests and mold. Fragrant sticky buds dripping with trichomes. Clearheaded, relaxing effects. Up to 21% THC.

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Raspberry Cough is a colorful and unique feminized seed strain bred using Cambodian landrace genetics with Nirvana’s own hybrid, Ice. Raspberry Cough seeds produce predominantly sativa plants that do best indoors Sea of Green style or outdoors in warm climates. A mass of red hairs covers its dense buds, which show blue tints when the temperature drops near maturation. Berry and Asian spice flavors. Soothing, uplifting effects.

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Special Queen #1 by Royal Queen Seeds is an easy-to-grow Skunk hybrid feminized seed strain available at a low cost. At under $5 per seed, these are some good cheap feminized seeds. Royal Queen #1 grows well in most environments, reaching up to 10 feet tall outdoors. Indoors, the plants can be optimized for yield by using SOG or SCROG techniques. Its stinky buds produce loads of red hairs and have a sweet taste. 50/50 indica/sativa. 18% THC.

White Widow is one of the best-known strains in the world since its inception in the nineties and is still among the top best-selling seeds sold by marijuana seed banks in 2021. Originally bred using a Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica genetics, White Widow is named such for the copious amounts of sparkling white THC-laden crystal it produces. Seedsman’s White Widow fem seeds grow easily almost anywhere, forming medium-sized bushy plants with very sticky and strong-smelling buds. Up to 20% THC. Also, try the ILGM White Widow seeds.

Amnesia Fast is Seedsman’s quick-finishing version of the renowned Amnesia. A fast flowering strain created with Soma’s Amnesia and a secret hybrid, Amnesia Fast plants reach 3 to 5 feet tall and are ready to harvest in around 7 weeks of flowering. A potent smoke and productive grower indoors or outdoors. Massive, dense buds that give an uplifting, energetic high. Fruity and floral flavors. 20–23% THC.

If all that hasn’t got you sold, seed banks around the world are quickly replacing their normal cannabis seeds with feminised auto’s. That just proves the demand for these stable genetics are getting higher. Stop wasting time, pick a strain and discover the power and yield of these hybrid seeds.

What do these little ladies do? Feminised seeds are bred to specifically eliminate male chromosomes. Before feminised seeds, cannabis seeds were approximately 50% male and 50% female, which meant growing took a lot more effort and time. Feminised seeds ensure that every plant you grow is going to be female, which means lots of budding leaves. That’s right, those men aren’t necessary! Female cannabis plants naturally produce staminate flowers under stressful conditions (such as weather or light changes) to naturally pollinate themselves, allowing them to survive.

You’re missing out if you haven’t added feminised seeds to your cannabis collection yet. Modern breeders have perfected the feminisation process to create seeds that are stress free. No need to remove male plants and no waiting around. Buy some feminised beauties and you won’t have to get your hands dirty!

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There are lots of reasons why to pucker up for feminised seeds. Male plants don’t pull their weight as they don’t produce buds. They can even wreck your crops by turning those lovely productive female plants into lazy males. The girls are also preferable as they hold a much higher content of THC, CBD and CBN than male plants.

Discover the power and yield that feminised seeds possess. You won’t believe your eyes!

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Feminized seeds can also be made by using hermaphroditic pollen from over-stressed female plants. These kinds of feminized seeds are much riskier to use because they contain the chance of turning hermaphroditic again. Plants like this can potentially ruin a crop of female plants by releasing pollen back onto them and thus creating more seeds of unstable stressed hermaphrodite plants.

Why Use Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Cannabis Seeds are even easier to grow than regular seeds. Just follow our How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds article and follow the directions as you would here for normal seeds. The only main difference between growing feminized seeds vs regular is that when it comes time to induce flowering and sex in your plants, the feminized seeds will produce mostly all females meaning that you’ll see little to no signs of male plants in the batch. This removes the worries of trying to identify male pollen sacs or female pistils that can be hard to see with an untrained eye.

Female cannabis plants require naturally produced ethylene to form the buds. The silver or gibberellic acid solution suppresses the ethylene and causes the plants to produce male flowers. The flowers are full of feminized pollen. For example, if you have an OG Kush strain clone and force it to produce female pollen in this way, when that pollen is used to pollinate other clones of the same OG Kush, the resulting seeds will be nearly genetically identical to the OG Kush parents and have an almost 100% likelihood of being female seeds.

Feminized Marijuana seeds are seeds created with the sole purpose of reproducing stable female seeds from a selected variety. The seeds are made using specific agronomic techniques that allow a healthy female plant to produce viable female pollen. That pollen is used to pollinate the flowering female cannabis plants. This practice became popular in 1998 when the Dutch Passion seed company released the first feminized cannabis seeds to the market.